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3 Tips for Maintaining Storage Heaters In Summer

During the summer months the majority of people turn their storage heaters off.

This helps to save on energy bills and costs and stops the home from being uncontrollably warm in the summer months( if we get any in the UK).

However, there are just a few thinks to keep in mind when doing this.

As Storage Heaters only take heat at night during the economy 7 time to store for the following day, if the temperature then drops below what it is expected to be on another warm day and it begins to get cold there will be no stored heat available until the storage heater is charged overnight so it has heat available for the following day.

The next thing to keep in mind when turning your storage heaters off until winter is you will not know if they have stopped working or there is a problem until it is too late. This can be very problematic especially for households with children or elderly people as it can take up to a week and sometimes longer to get the unit checked, if required buy a new one and then have it fitted.

So here are a 3 simple tips to make sure you do not go cold this winter.

• Make sure you keep your storage heater and around it as dust free as possible. This will help to keep your storage heater from gathering dust over the bricks and elements, this stops the musky smell when its turned back on again sometimes and it will also help to prolong your storage heaters life. Keeping it clean also stops it from going yellow and reduces the chance of the elements over heating as dust acts as a kind of blanket to the elements.
• Check your storage heater still heats up once every few weeks. If you set the input to low and set the output to low, the amount of heat it stores will be minimal and the cost to run the next day will be low. This will be enough to see if your storage heater is still storing and releasing heat ready for winter, avoiding finding out till it is too late that there is a problem and then having to rush when getting new storage heaters delivered and installed.
• Although Storage Heaters do not need an annual check like gas systems it is good practise to have them checked once every two years. This should be done by a competent person or electrician. Just to check all the connections are in good order and to make sure everything is working as small breakages can turn into larger more expensive damages. If any parts need replacing at Elnur we stock a large range of spare parts, readily available here in the UK which are available to buy direct from us if required.

All Elnur storage heaters are covered by a 5 year warranty so if you are having problems with your storage heater, you can call our technical team on 01942 265 048 or email technical@elnur.co.uk for help and advice.

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