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PROSSH Wi-Fi Compatible
Smart Storage Heaters

PROSSH Wi-Fi Compatible
Smart Storage Heaters

Elnur PROSSH Smart Storage Heaters use the Elnur patented “IEM” (Integral Energy Manager) to automatically adjust charging to suit the climate and the heat demand on a daily basis. PROSSH storage heaters are fully programmable with a built-in weekly and daily programmer with three level temperature selector: Comfort, Eco and Frost-protection. PROSSH also have the Internet controllable option with the Elnur G-Control system incorporated in the IEM electronics to allow wireless control and operation of the storage heater from anywhere at any time via an internet connection. Built-in balancing heating elements provide faster room warm-up times and supplement the stored heat as and when required. All PROSSH storage heaters have open window detection function to reduce energy waste along with adaptive start control function to guarantee maximum comfort at the desired time. Temperature accuracy to within 0.1ºC, results in less energy wasted from temperature setting overshoot. These Elnur smart storage heaters have an LCD screen to show multiple information, including the current level of charge of the storage heater at any time and are fully compliant with “SAP” specification criteria for “integrated storage and direct acting heaters”. A great smart storage heater range, PROSSH are a perfect electric heating product for house builders, developers, social housing providers, private landlords and homeowners.

  • Intuitive LCD display with advanced control options
  • Temperature sensor with calibration option
  • Open window detection for reduced energy waste
  • 5 Year Warranty
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    Technical features

    • Digital Smart Storage Heater
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • IEM technology, the intelligent way to manage the charge and the discharge
    • Weekly and daily programming
    • Three levels of temperature: Comfort, Economy and Frost-protection
    • Internet controllable
    • Wireless control and operation with the G Control System
    • Open window detection for reduced energy waste
    • Adaptive start control
    • High quality insulation materials with low thermal conductivity
    • High quality insulation materials in all sides of the storage heater
    • Temperature sensor with calibration option
    • Balancing heating element made of Aluminium
    • Safety thermostat with manual reset
    • Class I insulation
    • Storage heating elements made of stainless steel
    • Front, side and rear air isolating chambers
    • Steel structure powder coated in epoxy RAL 9010
    • Robust thermoplastic fittings
    • Easy to install on any kind of wall
    • Intuitive LCD display with advance control options
    • Compatible with two-period Off peak electric tariff in a single 24hr interval
    • G Control Hub switchboard available as accessory for the wireless control and operation of the storage heater

    Dimensions and Specifications

      Storage Heater Input**975w1300w1950w2600w
      Balancing Element Output**450w600w900w1200w
      Charging 7 HRS KWh7.49.914.919.8
      Length cm556689111
      Depth cm18181818
      Height cm73737373
      Total weight kg5977112147
      No. of bricks 6kg 11016*4 (11kg 11072)81216
      EAN 138432336109362843233610938684323361094098432336109423


    • Display is not coming on?Untitled-1
      This can be caused by a few different things. The first things to check would be one of the 3 isolator switches. The Economy 7 and 24hr supply switches and then the switch on the back of the heater. If this does not work we would then recommend checking the fuse board to see if the breakers are all still on. If this does not solve the issue we would suggest calling an electrician to check the fuses in the spurs to ensure power is going to the heater. If power is going to the heater but still no display you will need to call us on 01942 670119 or email technical@elnur.co.uk
    • Storage heater is only lukewarm?Untitled-1
      This would suggest your SSH storage heater is reducing its own charge percentage to reduce running costs. This is a normal process for the smart heater, it will work out the most efficient way to run following your set program and temperature. If you are not comfortable with the current heat output then we would suggest increasing the set point temperature to allow a bigger charge. How to set Temperatures on your ECOSSH?
    • Are Elnur storage heaters supplied with cable?Untitled-1
      Our Storage heaters do not come with cable. They do not come with cable as the distance from a fused spurs varies too much to supply a set length. The qualified electrician would usually supply the cable needed to wire in your storage heater.
    • Do I need to leave a gap above my heater?Untitled-1
      Yes, a 15cm gap needs to be left above any Electric radiator, Storage heater and Panel heaters. This is to help the convection of the radiator and prevent over heating. Unlike central heating radiators, electric radiators, storage heaters and panel heaters can not be covered as it poses a serious fire risk.
    • What is the difference between manual and automatic storage heaters?Untitled-1
      Storage Heaters Charge up over night using the 7 hrs of economy 7. Manual Storage Heaters charge for the full 7 hours regardless of how much heat it used the previous day. Automatic Storage Heaters calculate how much heat was used the previous day and work out how long they need to charge for. For example, If an automatic storage heater only used 5 out of the 7 hours of stored heat, when it comes to the next charging time the storage heater will wait 2 hours then will charge till it is full. On Average this facility can save you up to 15%.
    • Are these heaters a direct replacement for my current heater?Untitled-1
      Not exactly no. Modern storage heaters do differ to the older traditional storage heater. Most noticeably due to the fact that they now require a constant (24 hour) power supply to function. This can be done with either a single meter which has a dual rate supply which allows you to set the charging periods on the heater to match your economy rates OR if you have a separate supply and meter for your economy you would require a secondary supply (24 hour) to the heater.
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