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Why Fuel Poverty Could Become The Biggest Crisis Within The UK


Fuel poverty is a huge ongoing crisis within the UK. Fuel poverty refers to when householders cannot afford to adequately heat their homes. A “fuel poor” household has above-average energy costs and paying for these costs pushed the household below the poverty line. 3.2 million UK households are already struggling with concerns over being able to afford heating in their homes. So, What can we do to reduce this?

Who is affected by fuel poverty?

Fuel poverty affects a lot of people, especially those who are unemployed, elderly people that live alone, disabled people, households with low incomes and those living in energy inefficient properties. The current fuel problem is not a newly emerged crisis. In 2018, 619,000 households were considered fuel poor in Scotland, 155,000 in Wales, 131,000 in Northern Ireland and 2.53 million homes in England.

What has caused this large influx of fuel poverty?

There are many reasons to discuss the possible crisis, and one of the main reasons for this is the current energy crisis. Market prices for fuel are soaring and energy price caps are continuing to increase because of this, households around the country are currently struggling to deal with the price hikes. Consequently, this is resulting in lower-income households not having the funds to adequately allocate money towards energy bills along with other living expenses. Energy efficiency is also a very important factor in exploring the causes of fuel poverty. Many households are not aware that simple changes such as introducing more energy-efficient LED lamps within a household can save on household energy bills significantly.

How is fuel poverty being reduced?

The Government has recently taken several steps to decrease fuel poverty among the most affected people. Some of these new measures involve introducing energy price caps, the National Living Wage and aiding households to become more energy efficient. The government is aware of the current crisis of fuel poverty and how this is affecting households in the UK but there are also ways that homeowners can take action to help themselves.

What can I do if I’m at risk or being affected by fuel poverty?

There are many ways you can decrease your electricity usage along with obtaining government grants for energy-efficient electric heating within your property. Homeowners can apply for a grant known as the Eco Scheme which provides free and efficient electric heating within your property along with helping homeowners lower their heating costs through energy-efficient measures. This is to help people on a low income, specific benefits or in vulnerable households to obtain assistance from the Government. As this is under a government scheme, if eligible, there will be no cost to yourself for the installation of these heaters. The heaters installed are typically High Heat Retention heaters which are highly efficient and cost-effective. Elnur is one of the biggest suppliers within the eco scheme and we supply our very own range of High Heat Retention heaters such as the ECOHHR. The ECOHHR comes with an easy to use digital display to ensure that homeowners have maximum control over their heating along with their electricity usage. For more information regarding the Eco Scheme email us at info@elnur.co.uk or call us on 01942670119.

What does all this really mean?

Its undeniable that we are currently living amid an energy crisis that is rapidly affecting our country with more and more of the population struggling with rising energy bills. The government is taking action to prevent bills from rising even further and getting out of hand as well as creating ways to give assistance to those who are struggling, may that be with their bills or with obtaining heating in the first place. While this is a step in the right direction, it is important to realise that the UK is not the only country that has been affected heavily by this. We need to act now to help households find solutions to avoid falling into fuel poverty and help those who are already in it.

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