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Mattira MAS15 Electric System Boiler

Mattira MAS15 Electric System Boiler

MAS15 Mattira System Digital Modulating, Heating Only Electric Boiler. Also compatible with the Elnur Connected Range.

  • Modulating electronic control of the heater by SEM system (Smart Electronic Modulating System)
  • Circulating pump
  • Heating flow detector
  • 7 bar heating pressure relief valve
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    Technical features

    • Wall mounted heating boiler made of insulated steel
    • Modulating electronic control of the heater by SEM system (Smart Electronic Modulating System)
    • Stainless steel shielded elements INCOLOY 800
    • 6L heating expansion vessel
    • Digital display
    • Hydrometer 0-4bar
    • Circulating pump
    • Auto air vent
    • Silent TRIAC power switches
    • Heating flow detector
    • Heating temperature limiter 100ÂșC
    • 7 bar heating pressure relief valve
    • Powder coated RAL 9010 steel structure
    • Wall bracket steel template to set up connections easily
    • Compatible with Elnur Connect
    • Compatible with Underfloor heating

    Dimensions and Specifications

      Selectable Output kW34567891011121315
      Current 3 x 400 V+N~ A13.08.713.08.713.
      *Current 230 V~ A14.017.421.726.130.434.839.143.547.852.2AskAsk
      Voltage V3x400 V+N / 220-240
      Frequency Hz50
      InsulationClass 1
      Net weight kg29.5
      EAN 138432336807206

    *Using included bridge connection


    • My electric boiler is not providing any heat?Untitled-1
      If your heating is not working we would suggest checking your thermostat. The test for this would be to turn the thermostat above your usual temperature and see if the boiler starts up. If the boiler does not come on it is most likely a thermostat issue and it will need to be replaced. If the thermostat is working and is calling for the boiler to heat, check to see if the boiler is showing a temperature and that the boiler pressure is at 1.5 bar, if not refill using filling loop underneath. If your boiler is still not providing any heating after trying the above please call our technical line on 01942 670119 or email technical@elnur.co.uk
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