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RDW WIFI Programmable Eco Fluid

RDW WIFI Programmable Eco Fluid

RDW Ingenium radiators boast the very latest technology developed by Elnur to provide a modern, ergonomically designed, stylish, efficient and totally controllable electric radiator. Complete with built-in Wi-Fi control and energy consumption monitor. Clever design features enhance performance and heat output and the Ingenium radiator range is manufactured from an injected aluminium structure with eco-friendly high-density thermal Eco fluid inside. Specifically designed to disperse heat over its entire surface and to retain heat after it is switched off.

Every radiator in the Ingenium range provides highly accurate temperature control of the room via its electronic chrono thermostat. Which allows the user to set their ideal temperature for any period during the day or the night. Coupled with the highest sensitivity thermostat at ±0.1°C, the user can be sure the temperature of the room is exactly as they want it.

With energy control being essential to minimise consumption and reduce electricity costs Elnur RDW radiators have our latest technology the ETCO (Electronic Triac Control Optimiser) to manage and reduce as required the flow of electricity to reduce energy wastage while keeping the room at the optimum temperature. Furthermore, each Ingenium radiator has an easy-to-use built-in daily/weekly programmer to give the user precise time control. With three precise temperature settings - Comfort, Economy or Frost which can be adjusted to the user’s preference.

Elnur RDW Ingenium radiators have been designed with the user in mind, to provide maximum comfort while helping to make savings and to reduce a carbon footprint. Modern features include adaptive start control and an open window detection system to enhance efficiency, increase comfort and reduce energy. The result is a beautifully designed technically superb electric radiator that provides the best efficiency in direct electric heating coupled with our industry leading 5 year electronics and 10 year components warranty.

  • Electronic TRIAC control optimizer (ETCO) to manage the flow of electricity
  • White backlight LCD display
  • Temperature selector with a display of set-point temperature
  • Possibility of configuring the system manually or automatically as preferred
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    Technical features

    • Electronic TRIAC control optimizer (ETCO) to manage the flow of electricity
    • White backlight LCD display
    • Individual daily and weekly programmer
    • Three temperature levels selector: Comfort, Economy and Frost Protection
    • Integrated G Control System for configuration and remote control of the radiator via the Internet
    • Temperature selector with a display of set-point temperature
    • Open window detection for reduced energy waste
    • “Adaptive Start” function
    • Geo-location via an Internet connection
    • EcoFluid technology. Shell brand thermal fluid
    • Built-in electronic ambient thermostat ± 0,10C
    • Keyboard lock function
    • Thermal safety cut-out
    • Adjustable, digital thermostat
    • Straight design elements of injected aluminium alloy finished in Epoxy Ral 9010 powder coating
    • Possibility of configuring the system manually or automatically as preferred
    • Supplied with mains cable
    • Quick and easy installation, thanks to the patented wall fixing brackets, which are designed for ease of installation, without the need for measuring or levelling
    • G Control Hub offered as an accessory to control and manage the radiator via WiFi
    • G Control Power Meter offered as an option to control and manage electrical consumption in the home
    • New Amazon Alexa features compatible with G Control System

    Dimensions and Specifications

      No. of Modules468101214
      Length (cm)42587490106122
      Depth* (cm)888888
      Height (cm)585858585858
      Weight (kg)91215182124.5
      Input/Output (W)5007501000125015002000
      Voltage (V)220-240220-240220-240220-240220-240220-240
      Frequency (Hz)505050505050
      EAN 13843233642316184323364231858432336423208843233642322284323364232468432336423260

    *Plus 2cm separated from the wall


    • How to increase set temperatures on Elnur RFE-Plus / RXE-PlusUntitled-1
      To increase the set temperature you will need to press and release the sun button and the display will start to flash a temperature, use the plus or minus keys to increase or decrease the temperature once happy press and release the Sun button.
    • Electric radiator RFE-Plus / RXE-Plus only showing “time” on the display?Untitled-1
      If the unit shows a time at any point then this would suggest the heater is in frost protection mode and will not work unless the room drops below 3°C. You will need to take the heater off frost mode to get it to work again. To do this press and release the frost button the unit will show on and then the current room temperature, the unit will now work to get your room to temperature.
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