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Are Storage Heaters Still Relevant in the Home?


Is Storage Heating Relevant in Today’s World?

Storage heating has come under considerable pressure in recent years with many consumers concerned by reported negatives and in some cases, by biased opinions of manufacturers mis-selling other products.

The simple truth is that storage heaters are more relevant today than they have ever been.

• Storage heaters use off-peak electricity which means they provide a low carbon heating solution
• When correctly specified and used, storage heaters will provide the most cost effective electric heating solution
• Storage heaters come in different types to suit all applications and budgets
• They are intended to provide all day heat to a particular space or property which helps to maintain temperature in the building fabric, thus reducing ongoing building maintenance issues
• Smart storage heaters like the Elnur Ecombi provide digital temperature accuracy and programming capability, further enhancing user comfort levels and reducing running costs
• Storage heating technology is proven and reliable with life expectancy of the heaters themselves generally accepted as being greater than alternative products
• They are maintenance free and do not require annual servicing
• All Elnur storage heaters come with a standard 5-year warranty

Dispelling the myths

Too hot in the morning & too cold in the evening! Does this statement sound familiar? The main two reasons for this statement are: Incorrectly sized / under-sized heaters for the room and Incorrect operation by the user. Most commonly, users in the UK, do not alter the storage heater controls on a regular basis which, has a direct bearing on room comfort levels and heater running costs.  This is due to people not knowing the correct way to use and adjust their storage heaters to get the maximum benefit with minimum consumption.

How should a storage heater be operated?


Traditional storage heaters, also known as static storage heaters, generally have two user adjustable controls. However, a high proportion of users do not understand their importance and the impact that correct and regular adjustment can make.


  1. The input control regulates the amount of overnight charge. In milder weather such as early Autumn or late spring, it makes sense to appreciate that you will not need the same level of stored heat as you would in the depths of the coldest winter nights. Over charging will increase the cost of heating bills whilst, under charging will result in the user having insufficient heat to maintain the room temperature at the desired level throughout the day. Regulation of the input control should therefore, be made on a regular basis according to the climate conditions.
  1. All storage heaters, regardless of output temperature level, will emit heat continuously providing that there is a charge remaining. This happens because no storage heater can “lock the heat in” completely. Even with the output control switched to its lowest level, heat will transfer. Therefore, one of the main features of a storage heater is to provide a constant “background heat” to a particular room. In the morning when charging has just ended, the core temperature of the internal bricks will be at its highest and subsequently, the natural heat transfer will also be at its peak.
  1. The output control knob operates a flap that when off, covers openings at the top of the internal storage brick chamber. Because the core temperature is at its highest in the morning, the output control should be set at a lower level. Then, as the day progresses, the core temperature will obviously decrease and subsequently, the output control knob should be increased, this will effectively boost the natural heat transfer to maintain the desired temperature level. By following this basic principle throughout the day, a correctly sized heater will be able to provide a comfortable heating all day long.
  1. Furthermore, if the user goes out during the day or is not using a particular room then, it is sensible for the storage heater to have a low output setting to conserve as much of the stored heat as possible for use later on when it will be needed. This would be the optimum way to use a storage heater to ensure you get the most out of them. You can view our full range of Storage Heaters here




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