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General Warranty Terms and Conditions

This warranty covers any material or manufacturing defect of the appliance/s referred to in this document, provided the instructions for its assembly, installation and use have been followed precisely, and does not affect the rights of the consumer according to the provision of the law.

In the absence of any of the exclusions mentioned further below, this warranty will cover all materials used in the construction of the appliance and the cost of labour and travel for the period of the warranty from the date of purchase or installation if installed under a govement scheme of the appliance.

Warranty Exclusions:

The total cost of repair is excluded from this warranty, and therefore payable by the end user, in the following circumstances:-

Cancellation of the Warranty:

This warranty can be cancelled and demmed null and void if the appliance has been handled, modified or repaired by unqualified personnel or technical engineer/s not approved or apointed by Elnur UK Ltd or any technical service engineers which do not come under the offical technical support services of Elnur UK Ltd.

This warranty is only valid in the UK mainland and Northern Ireland. Islands off the UK mainland including Southern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of White, Jersey and Gurnsey will be covered locally by a parts only warranty.

Product Help and Contacts:

For products installed less than 28days, your first port of call should be with the installers who have fitted your appliance/s. For Eco Scheme installations Elnur UK Ltd are only responsible for the heaters themselves and provided they have been fitted in accordance to manufacturing instructions. For any issues relating to the installation you should go back to the installers who are responible for the work carried out for at least 12 months after the installation.

For installation issues please contact : on or via emailing .

We do have various Video's and Manuals on our website which may help assist with any problems.
Please visit https://www.elnur.co.uk/product-help/

For technical help over the phone please use : 01942 670119 / Option 2

For technical help via email please use : technical@elnur.co.uk