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Efficient & Controllable Electric Heating

Why Choose Elnur Electric Radiators

Over the past 40 years we have created a a large range of electric heating to suit all types of lifestyles. Through our extensive research and experience we have designed electric radiators suited to all different applications. From Low height heaters at just 43cm to suit conservatories to Low surface temperature electric heaters for carehomes and hospitals. With this in mind we now have 4 beautifully designed, highly efficient ranges to choose from.

  • Elnur RXE-PLUS – Oil free aluminium programmable lot 20 electric radiator
  • Elnur RFE-PLUS – Oil filled, using eco friendly shell oil, programmable lot 20 electric radiator
  • Elnur Ingenium RDW – Oil filled WiFi compatible programmable lot 20 electric radiator
  • Elnur RBC – Low Height Conservatory Oil filled electric radiator programmable

The design of the high-quality aluminium elements, allows a natural convection of air through the radiator, providing perfect heat distribution, radiation and a thermal inertia that ensures very low running costs. The real core of these devices, is their Electronic Triac Control Optimiser (ETCO). This manages and restricts the flow of electricity to guarantee low consumption.

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What makes ours different

Everyone talks about the concepts of “efficiency” and “low consumption”. Therefore, the less energy a product consumes the happier customers will be as it means saving money on a daily basis. However, taking into account that most electrical heating systems offer 100% energy efficiency, how can we ensure energy savings across different electric heating systems?

The key is accurate temperature control management. A heater that provides the desired temperature in a particular room is not enough; it has to achieve this using as little energy as possible. Large fluctuations in room temperatures lead to a higher energy demand. A change in room temperature of 10°C means that the heater must start again and take the extra time required to reach a comfortable temperature again.

Thanks to the highly accurate thermostat and to the thermal sensitivity that Elnur radiators offer, these large temperature fluctuations are avoided. Our radiators offer one of the most efficient thermal variations in the industry, with a ± 0.10°C accuracy compared with other manufacturers ±0.30°C or even other traditional room temperature control systems, which can have an accuracy of ±2.0°C. Thanks to our highly accurate temperature control system your are able to generate higher levels of performance, lower energy consumption and improve considerably efficiency of your heating system. In simple what we mean it a more accurate thermostat means greater efficiency and more life time savings. Take a look at the diagram below for more info.

thermostat accuracy diagram