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Digital Modulating Electric Boilers

Digital Modulating Electric Boilers

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Modulation in electric boilers was unthinkable some years ago. Controlling the flow was more straightforward for non-electric heating systems such as gas or even diesel for industrial facilities. Modulating electric heating was rather more of a challenge. There was no technology that modulated electricity consumption up until then.

Thus, ELNUR effort in research and continuous improvement resulted in launching the first digital modulating boilers for the domestic market.

What is the modulation in electric boiler?

The modulation is an automatic adaptation of the power required to the heat needs in a heating installation

Then the modulation in Electric Boilers is the result to offer a management energy consumption ensuring to maintain the heating needs desired for the client at all times.

Why are the Ecombi modulating electric boilers innovative?

The main objective of modulation was to extend life of some key components which suffer a strong wear. But a direct consequence of this modulation is to reduce energy running cost.

There are only a few modulating electric boilers at the market but the most of them base this modulation on the water temperature readings. The main problem in these cases is that the boiler can startmodulating when the house is not warmenough and can take much longer to heat up the house.

The main difference between our electric boilers and the boilers with standard modulation is that the Ecombi boiler only will start modulating when the set up temperature in the room is achieved, not when water temperature is reached.

We want you can save running cost but maintaining the comfort desired at your home.

How do Ecombi Electric Boilers Modulate?

The modulating feature of theECOMBIelectric boilers is managed by a Smart Electronic Modulating System (SEM).It applies TRIAC technology combined with an external chrono-thermostat to continuously adapt the heating capacity to the heating needs of the premises, thus achieving 100% energy efficiency and overall savings in energy costs.

The Ecombi range of modulating boilers is available as heating boilers and as heating and domestic hot water (DHW) boilers.

The boilers come fitted with all the components required to operate the unit. You only need water inlets and outlets, along with an electrical socket. You will just need an external ambient thermostat connected to the electronic card to trigger the SEM system (Smart Electronic Modulating System). You can find some of the thermostat options in the accessories section of this catalogue.

GABARRÓN digital boiler models can be fitted to both 3X400V+N three-phase and 230V~ single-phase networks, just by fitting the connector bridge that you will find inside, to the terminal blocks.

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