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Ecombi Off Peak Electricity

Ecombi Off Peak Electricity

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Off-peak Electricity

GABARRON storage heaters work while you are sleeping. At night, during the off peak period when electricity is cheaper, storage heaters internally charge their energy before slowly releasing it into the room.

Static Storage systems release the heat continuously over 24 hours, while Dynamic Storage Heaters (Fan Forced Storage Heaters) offer the possibility to the user of deciding when and how that heat is release.

In the same way as the traditional storage heater, the smart ECOMBI system is designed to use the low cost Off-Peak Electricity Tariff, but incorporating the latest technology in energy consumption management.

How does Off Peak Electricity work?

Most electricity providers offer heavily discounted rates for electricity consumed during off peak electricity times, giving you the chance to save money on your energy bill. Off peak electricity is provided during set times of the day when homes and businesses use a lot less electricity. Off peak times are typically between 12am and 7am, but they can vary depending on the area.

What are Off Peak Electricity times?

Electricity providers would prefer to provide a steady supply of electricity throughout the day and night, because the turbines that generate electricity cannot be easily turned on and off as we need power in our homes. People generally use most of their electricity during the morning and evening. To encourage people to use electricity during other times of the day, many providers offer cheaper electricity during periods known as off peak electricity times. In homes, off peak electricity is commonly used to heat water and can also be used to power other heating appliances that are able to store heat when not in use.

How do you access Off Peak Electricity rates?

You have to contact to your local Electricity provider to get more details about the current Off-Peak Electricity Tariff available in your area.