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Ecombi Safety and Sustainability

Ecombi Safety and Sustainability

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Safety and Sustainability

The ECOMBI System does not require servicing. It has no moving parts that can break or be worn down. Quick and easy installation, in new and old buildings alike, and there is no need for any type of alterations or building work. Safety is always a key factor when choosing electric heating. The ECOMBI system is 100% safe. It does not need fuel tanks or hydraulic circuits to operate, and therefore there is no risk of leaks. The ECOMBI System is environmental friendly. It can be used with renewable energy sources coming from natural resources such as the sun or wind. The ECOMBI System fosters a healthy and safe environment:

  • Does not consume oxygen or emit CO2.
  • Does not produce gas or fumes.
  • Does not directly pollute the environment while it is operating.