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To upgrade or not to upgrade. That is the question…

Is it worth changing your old storage heater to a new one?

Is your storage heater pre Lot 20? Does it still use manual input and output controls on the top? If so it’s usually a good time to change or upgrade your storage heaters. A new storage heater as they are much more efficient and allow for a lot more control and usability. Not only will it save energy, but it could also reduce your energy bill.

Storage heaters or change to electric radiators?
Most people think you have to pick and choose between the 2? It can be efficient to have them both. Electric radiators are good for instant warmth and are also good use in bedrooms or other small rooms which are not used as often. They provide 100% efficiency e.g. 1kw of electric will turn into 1k of heat. Now you are thinking, well, why even bother with storage heaters? Storage heaters use economy tariffs, economy 7 or economy 10 are the most common, which mean you get cheaper electricity at off peak times and slightly more expensive electricity during peak times of the day? With new storage heaters you can say goodbye to running out of heat at night. Elnur Storage heaters monitor input and output to ensure you will have enough heat stored to last you the whole day whilst not over storing to save money.

What type of storage heater is best for me?
The type of storage heater for you really depends on how big and well insulated your home is and at what room temperature you want. So it is really difficult to define this. However, if you call us we are happy to work out what size storage heater you need in your home.

Smart Storage heaters?
A smart storage heater has allowed you more control on your electricity, and when the heat is released.
They also are able to automatically adapt to the change in weather outside. To ensure that the room stays at its set temperature. This means that you will not come home or wake up too hot when it gets warmer outside or too cold when the temperature drops.

Smart Storage heaters also have the ability to work out how much charge you need. For example, all storage heaters need to be ran on an economy 7 tariff. So when a standard storage heater is charging at night with the off peak electricity they will take power for the full 7 hours regardless of whether they need it or not. So if it didn’t use 20% of the charge from the previous day it will remember this and then continue to adapt to ensure it only takes the charge needed, which most importantly saves on your energy usage.

In conclusion, it is beneficial to go with new storage heaters as you will see the energy saving benefits. The benefits of smart storage heaters has proven. This is why standard storage heaters are no longer able to be manufactured due to their lack of efficiency. With new storage heaters your energy bills will reduce saving you that bit of extra cash.
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