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Elnur Connected – The Smart Way to Control Your Heating

Elnur Connected Wireless Controlled Heating
With Elnur Connect you can revolutionise the way you control your electric heating system.

Elnur Connect has been designed so it is easy to install and set up. The Elnur Connected control system can be operated in the home or from wherever you are by using the purpose designed App on your Smartphone or Tablet.

This SmartLife Technology is the perfect solution for ultimate home heating efficiency and an ideal choice for any house, apartment, holiday home or weekend cottages and commercial properties.

How Does Elnur Connected Work
The Elnur Connected range is designed to provide the optimum internal wireless signal strength and also to enable “base” operation even if the broadband service within the property is offline.

The Elnur Connected Gateway is the beating heart of every system and creates a strong internal property Wi-Fi network in conjunction with room/zone thermostats and appliance receivers.

This Gateway is directly connected to your home broadband router to ensure the very best connection to your broadband.


The Elnur Connected, Wireless Room/ Zone Thermostat “pairs” directly to the heater receiver and provides a home user interface to offer the occupants wireless central control within the property.

When the “Gateway” is also paired and operational, the user can easily set up and adjust programming for time and temperature from anywhere using their Smartphone or Tablet. When used without the “Gateway”, this enables the client to provide a wireless control system without internet access.

The Elnur Connected Programmable Room Thermostat is automatically supplied with one of our “Boiler Thermostat” packs and can also be purchased separately to provide an optional home user interface instead of the Wireless Room/Zone Thermostat.

To provide optimum versatility, the Elnur Connected range caters for all client types from electricians to homeowners to house-builders. Every Elnur Connected appliance is automatically provided with a receiver to communicate with the various options available.
The client can then choose how they want to control their system:
1. Internal wireless control without internet access.
2. Internal wireless control with internet access.
Even if the “without internet access” option is chosen, this can be added at a later date, and is of particular benefit to house-builders by providing central control as standard, with an upgrade option to buyers if required.

The Elnur Connected Range
The Elnur Connected range consists of:

• ADL Fan Assisted Storage Heaters – which are now ECADL Fan Assisted Storage Heaters
• RXP Oil Free Manual Electric Radiators – ECRXP Oil Free Wifi Enabled Electric Radiator
• RFP Oil Filled Manual Electric Radiators – ECRFP Oil Filled Wifi Enabled Electric Radiator
• PHM Manual Wall Mounted Panel Heaters – ECPHM Wifi Enabled Wall Mounted Panel Heaters
• TBB and TBC Towel radiators are also available as ECTBB and ECTBC but can still be bough at standard towel radiators
• Mattira Electric System and Combi Boilers (COMING SOON)
• Mattira Unvented Direct and Indirect Cylinders (COMING SOON)

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